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If you don’t know Jimi Hendrix songs, I’ll expect you to totally be confused, but it is indeed one of my very favorite songs in the world. I am obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, I still feel like I want to be a rock star and to have a band, and I need velvet in my life. So this post, it’s in reference to Jimi. It’s in reference to my love of velvet and my affinity towards psychedelic rock star garb.


Forever 21, Velvet Burnout Pants, $22.90



Rejina Pyo, Beatrice crushed-velvet trousers, $570



Topshop, Print Velvet Dress, $95

This beautiful lace dress would pair great with lacy tights and ankle boots or with laced boots and frilly socks.


Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Embellished Chiffon Blouse, $186

Pair this top with a pair of dark denim jeans or skinny trousers and boots for a trendy yet vintage flair.

Velvet Bodysuits

I created a bodysuit collage on Polyvore. I found five of my favorites, and I’m trying to decide which ones best suit my personality and truthfully, I want them all! I love just about anything velvet, and I think bodysuits are sexy on any body type.
Over the next months, I’ll be dedicating posts to my love of velvet and other glamorous fabrics and materials, because luxurious-looking clothing works for anyone!
Velvet Bodysuits


Welcome to the MadHouse!

Hello, there! I created this blog to have a separate platform for my creative and style aspirations. I wanted to initially launch a blog that encompassed who I am as a woman, a mother, a sister, a friend, etc., but I found that trying to include all of that on my personal blog was a bit overwhelming. On top of trying to edit a WordPress account from a buggy iPhone app, I was attempting to do it with no prior knowledge of navigating WordPress aside from a crappy blog I attempted about seven years ago! Ha.


Here I am, tail in my hand, trying this. AGAIN. For the fifth time? I think. I wanted to have a way to communicate my ideas without overwhelming myself. I also wanted to hold myself accountable for creating a space that was my own, one that I tailored to cater to women, especially those of us that may feel that we don’t see ourselves enough in the media.


I’m hoping to find my way, using this blog and other avenues, too, in shaping and impacting the world in some positive manner. It may sound ambitious, but ambition never hurts.


Welcome to the show!