Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Faded Fall


Hi Babes!

I’m a little bubbly in my tummy as I write this, as I’ve been battling a stomach virus for the last two weeks off and on, so I’m hoping this post is enjoyable and cohesive.

I wanted to discuss a makeup brand that I am really loving and enjoying, and it happens to be one from a singer I absolutely adore. Yes, that’s right, Fenty Beauty. Rihanna created such a cohesive, alluring, modern makeup brand, and I’ll be honest, I would buy a bag of dust if Rihanna put her name on it because I’m obsessed, but I wouldn’t lie about loving a bag of dust. This, however, is such a different case. I started off kind of small, buying the Match Stix shimmer formulas in Unicorn, Confetti, and Ridiiic and, of course,

the iconic Lip Gloss Bomb.

Then when the Galaxy Holiday Collection emerged, I knew I wanted at least one product. It took awhile, but I eventually got the Nepturnt eyeliner, and it is so gorgeous and an absolutely fun spin on traditional liquid eyeliners. I love how it releases glitter if smudged, and I also love that the green pops against my brown skin.

This month, I finally snagged the Fenty Beauty Foundation. I waited three months to decide if I wanted to try it, and after discovering that I still hadn’t found a color match for my red undertones and yellow highlight tones, I felt like I may as well give it a try. Black skin is pretty unique in its color combinations, and a lot of companies try and fail. I’m in love with the texture of the foundation and I love that my skin feels like skin.

I am looking forward to Rihanna releasing more products. I kiiiind of want to try the Mattemoiselle lipsticks but I REALLY don’t need more lipsticks right now.


Looking forward to more Fenty Beauty products, like perhaps a liquid concealer?!

A girl can dream.