It’s been a little over two months since the last time I posted any fashion/style tips and I realized I never actually planned this site. Haha. I just kind of started going with something and hoped it would click with someone. I didn’t set a schedule for myself or a content calendar or organize this in a way that would encourage me to continue to post, and I hit a few emotional roadblocks that stopped me from wanting to create anything. Nothing necessarily new, and yet it felt like something I hadn’t experienced before.


Sometimes, as much as I love dressing cute and shopping and makeup, I get so exhausted and feel completely drained and I don’t do any of that. So it feels so fake to post things about style and I’m not LIVING in my own style.


Recently, I committed to buying things that are cute but also in my dream style: bohemian rock star. Yes, that’s what I call it. I have some clothes in my closet that are very safe, things I figured could make me seem more serious or smart or whatever. But they don’t actually feel like me. They don’t make me feel anything. For years I wanted to design my own clothes and fear forced me out of feeling qualified. It seems silly to put those thoughts into the universe but I still haven’t been living my truth…not as much as I need to, and it creates a lot of resentment and anger and bitterness to not pursue your dreams or to live as brightly as you need to, and I have to be honest if nothing else.

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