Baby Love

I was initially a little apprehensive about plastering my little donuts all over this blog because I didn’t want to be that mom, (even though I am totally that mom), but I decided to go ahead.

Having two small children makes shopping a bit of a challenge in regards to deciding how much of my budget I’ll devote to clothing. As a clothing horse, I would spend all of my money on clothes and beauty items and eat dust and bubbles for dinner. However, as a mommyhorse (yes, I did type that), I can not afford to do such a thing.

Some of my favorite stores for kids clothing happen to be Carter’s, Target, Gap, and Marshall’s. I love finding a good deal, and in fact, I challenge myself to see how I can find the best deals possible. Sometimes, it’s a bit of a headache and other times it is completely exhilarating. Regardless of my emotions while shopping, seeing their tiny little bodies adorned in the items I choose is always satisfying. I take pride in finding things that express their personalities and allow them to move freely. And maybe it’s because I’m a little clothing-obsessed, but I cannot stand to kids in clothes that adults wouldn’t feign to wear. They are people with opinions and desires just like the rest of us, and no, that doesn’t mean that a toddler has to have designer boots and baby bags to be stylish. It means that children deserve to express themselves in their clothing just like the rest of us, and it truly does not have to be a budget-breaking experience.

Below I’ve included some of my favorite finds that were not expensive at all!

Bella in an Old Navy dress, similar styles, $10-16

(Capturing a 2 year old without blur is a miracle so I’m trying!)

Bash in a Genuine Kids Long-Sleeved Tee, similar styles, Target, $5- $11, (check in stores for clearance prices)

Here they’re styled with a mix of clothing from thrift stores, Amazon, and Target.

Red Suspenders and Bow Tie Set, Amazon, $5-$7 (price varies)

White Oxford, Nautica, similar styles, $20-$30 (prices vary)

Dark Blue Jeans, Carter’s, $10-$15

Red Plaid Carters Dress, $5, Thrifted

Black Tights, Target, $5, Cat & Jack

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