It’s been a little over two months since the last time I posted any fashion/style tips and I realized I never actually planned this site. Haha. I just kind of started going with something and hoped it would click with someone. I didn’t set a schedule for myself or a content calendar or organize this in a way that would encourage me to continue to post, and I hit a few emotional roadblocks that stopped me from wanting to create anything. Nothing necessarily new, and yet it felt like something I hadn’t experienced before.


Sometimes, as much as I love dressing cute and shopping and makeup, I get so exhausted and feel completely drained and I don’t do any of that. So it feels so fake to post things about style and I’m not LIVING in my own style.


Recently, I committed to buying things that are cute but also in my dream style: bohemian rock star. Yes, that’s what I call it. I have some clothes in my closet that are very safe, things I figured could make me seem more serious or smart or whatever. But they don’t actually feel like me. They don’t make me feel anything. For years I wanted to design my own clothes and fear forced me out of feeling qualified. It seems silly to put those thoughts into the universe but I still haven’t been living my truth…not as much as I need to, and it creates a lot of resentment and anger and bitterness to not pursue your dreams or to live as brightly as you need to, and I have to be honest if nothing else.

Hello, Again, to All My Friends

Hi there, my lovelies!

It’s been a very long time. I apologize for my hiatus, as I didn’t intend to not blog for this long. Life got a bit hectic. I’m back in school, I changed my grad school track, and I’m juggling motherhood, too. I’ve also decided to not sit in the house and be sad, haha, so I’m busier than I used to be, and I have to figure out how to schedule things so that I separate time for myself and the things that I love to do.

As I’ve written before, I love finding good deals. I love bargain hunting and discount shopping and I love thrifting! I used to be very apprehensive to shopping at a thrift store and I’ve found some of the best things at Turnstyles! They now have two locations, and I cannot wait to visit the other one.

So, I’ve become addicted to finding good deals! I love Hautelook, Zulily and I use Ebates so much! I love finding a way to save money. Here are some of the things I’ve found this past week:

Image result for vl court 2.0 toddler

VL Court 2.0 Adidas Toddler Boy’s Sneaker for $29.97 at Hautelook

Image result for racer tr sneaker girls toddler

Girl’s Pink Racer TR Sneaker $29.97 Hautelook

Boys Blue Racer TR Sneaker $29.97 Hautelook.

I have this affinity for baby/toddler shoes. So cute!!

Carter’s Cherrie Gold Metallic Sandal Toddler Girls $16.99 Zulily


Carter's Adney Sneakers, Toddler & Little Boys (4.5-3)

Carter’s Navy Adney Boys Shoe $12.99 Zulily

I’ll have to post more finds as I discover more deals.


*This post is not sponsored by Zulily nor Hautelook. I have not received payment or promotion for this post.

Spanish Castle Magic

So, I thrifted at a local store here, Turnstyles in Overland Park, Kansas, and it was such a great experience. This post will not be long, and I was very apprehensive about posting pics since having my second child, Bella, but she’s 9 months now and I figured I may as well show off my outfit combinations at some point.


IMG_2858 (2)IMG_2859 (2)IMG_2849 (2)

Outfit Details

Skirt: BCBG MAX AZRIA, Thrifted for $4

Shirt: No Boundaries, Walmart, $3

Blazer, Trés Paquette Byer California,Thrifted, $4


Turnstyles is located in West Park Shopping Center

9750 W 87th Street

Overland Park, Kansas 66212.


Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Faded Fall


Hi Babes!

I’m a little bubbly in my tummy as I write this, as I’ve been battling a stomach virus for the last two weeks off and on, so I’m hoping this post is enjoyable and cohesive.

I wanted to discuss a makeup brand that I am really loving and enjoying, and it happens to be one from a singer I absolutely adore. Yes, that’s right, Fenty Beauty. Rihanna created such a cohesive, alluring, modern makeup brand, and I’ll be honest, I would buy a bag of dust if Rihanna put her name on it because I’m obsessed, but I wouldn’t lie about loving a bag of dust. This, however, is such a different case. I started off kind of small, buying the Match Stix shimmer formulas in Unicorn, Confetti, and Ridiiic and, of course,

the iconic Lip Gloss Bomb.

Then when the Galaxy Holiday Collection emerged, I knew I wanted at least one product. It took awhile, but I eventually got the Nepturnt eyeliner, and it is so gorgeous and an absolutely fun spin on traditional liquid eyeliners. I love how it releases glitter if smudged, and I also love that the green pops against my brown skin.

This month, I finally snagged the Fenty Beauty Foundation. I waited three months to decide if I wanted to try it, and after discovering that I still hadn’t found a color match for my red undertones and yellow highlight tones, I felt like I may as well give it a try. Black skin is pretty unique in its color combinations, and a lot of companies try and fail. I’m in love with the texture of the foundation and I love that my skin feels like skin.

I am looking forward to Rihanna releasing more products. I kiiiind of want to try the Mattemoiselle lipsticks but I REALLY don’t need more lipsticks right now.


Looking forward to more Fenty Beauty products, like perhaps a liquid concealer?!

A girl can dream.



It’s a Man’s World

lue Wood

Happy New Year, loves! And welcome to a new year of fashion and style posts by yours truly. I’m currently trying to catch up on sleep, but seeing as though I am failing in that department right now, I figured I could come up with a post about one of my favorite topics: menswear. I am not a stranger to using men’s clothing in my wardrobe and I often get compliments on the pieces I choose. I have a penchant for men’s dress shirts, sweaters, socks and even pants. Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to find men’s clothing for great prices because men tend to rotate their wardrobe less than women do and I’ve often found that I can find incredible designer brands for exceptionally low prices.


Min this post, I will tag some of my favorite types of men’s pieces from my wardrobe as well as some places you can shop to find similar threads.


So, as I mentioned above, I love men’s dress shirts. Oxfords are one of my favorite pieces to wear because the possibilities of combinations with other staples in my wardrobe are truly endless. Right now in Kansas City, it’s pretty cold, so layering with these oversized shirts is a must.

Baby Love

I was initially a little apprehensive about plastering my little donuts all over this blog because I didn’t want to be that mom, (even though I am totally that mom), but I decided to go ahead.

Having two small children makes shopping a bit of a challenge in regards to deciding how much of my budget I’ll devote to clothing. As a clothing horse, I would spend all of my money on clothes and beauty items and eat dust and bubbles for dinner. However, as a mommyhorse (yes, I did type that), I can not afford to do such a thing.

Some of my favorite stores for kids clothing happen to be Carter’s, Target, Gap, and Marshall’s. I love finding a good deal, and in fact, I challenge myself to see how I can find the best deals possible. Sometimes, it’s a bit of a headache and other times it is completely exhilarating. Regardless of my emotions while shopping, seeing their tiny little bodies adorned in the items I choose is always satisfying. I take pride in finding things that express their personalities and allow them to move freely. And maybe it’s because I’m a little clothing-obsessed, but I cannot stand to kids in clothes that adults wouldn’t feign to wear. They are people with opinions and desires just like the rest of us, and no, that doesn’t mean that a toddler has to have designer boots and baby bags to be stylish. It means that children deserve to express themselves in their clothing just like the rest of us, and it truly does not have to be a budget-breaking experience.

Below I’ve included some of my favorite finds that were not expensive at all!

Bella in an Old Navy dress, similar styles, $10-16

(Capturing a 2 year old without blur is a miracle so I’m trying!)

Bash in a Genuine Kids Long-Sleeved Tee, similar styles, Target, $5- $11, (check in stores for clearance prices)

Here they’re styled with a mix of clothing from thrift stores, Amazon, and Target.

Red Suspenders and Bow Tie Set, Amazon, $5-$7 (price varies)

White Oxford, Nautica, similar styles, $20-$30 (prices vary)

Dark Blue Jeans, Carter’s, $10-$15

Red Plaid Carters Dress, $5, Thrifted

Black Tights, Target, $5, Cat & Jack

Shake Your Booties

Okay, I am admittedly a boot aficionada and I appreciate a good boot more than most people. I love looking at how boots have changed historically, and I love how some trends come back into popular fashion with updated heel lengths, stitching, etc. I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite booties this winter because it’s the perfect season to get booted!


Versace Medusa Bootie, $1, 150, Farfetch.com.

Listen, that price tag makes me quiver, too, and no, I cannot afford $1200 boots, but I can dream, right? I love how smooth and clean the stitches are on this bootie, and the Versace gold emblem on the sole is just the cherry on top. I would love to see this with a good solid patterned tight and a mini skirt with a leather jacket.



Pillar Look Extra, $32.99 (19.79 w/ 40% off code “SLAYRIDE”), gojane.com

Totally cute heel, (I love embellishments, admittedly), and these would be perfect with a dark cigarette-legged jean or black pants. They also come in black, which offers a different contrast to the heel. This is definitely a cute and cheap way to try the decorative heel trend.




Lori Black Brogue Boot, $56.00, simmi.com

As much as the Chelsea boot has been appropriated by both hipster and brunch cultures, it is still one of my favorite types of boot. Pair that concept with the detailing of a brogue, and you’ve completely won me over. This pair come in black and burgundy, and I’m having a hard time deciding which color to order!

These next boots are me, in boot form, and they are chock-full of everything I love about fashion!



MiuMiu Lace-Up Embellished boots, $475 , net-a-porter.com

The velvet, the grommets, the rich burgundy hue? IN LOVE, babes! I also love that it’s kind of giving me a Victorian feel and yet it’s totally on trend in terms of the crazy decorative boots that I’ve seen throughout runways and magazines.


Okay loves, so that’s my list for now, but I’m positive there will be an additional list because I love boots so much. They’re absolutely my favorite types of shoes.

velvet lingerie

velvet lingerie

Spaghetti strap top
$6.68 – prettylittlething.com

Fleur du Mal pink kimono

I D SARRIERI lingerie sleepwear
$385 – net-a-porter.com


Plus size lingerie

Triumph lingerie panty
$43 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Hanky panky panty

Bralette bra
$16 – boohoo.com

La Vie en Rose

I’m so excited that florals are still an easily-accessible fabric choice because they’re truly one of my favorite prints. I have a tendency to love patterns, and florals tie in two of my favorite things: fabrics and flowers.

I find that florals are such a feminine piece and can be combined with endless patterns or solids to evoke your style however you see fit. A solid long sleeved basic top with an ornate floral skirt? Perfect balance. An all-over floral print with a denim jacket? Casual chic. Leather and florals? Edgy and feminine. The choices are endless.

Here I’ve curated a few flowery pieces, with various price ranges as always, that are truly must-haves and unforgettable!


Gucci, 3/4 Sleeve Organza Cocktail Dress, $5980.00

Zimmerman, Mercer lace-up dress, $486.50

Alice + Olivia, Coco floral-print dress, $311.50

Lulus, Every Little Thing Maxi, $74.00

Lulus, Floralina Black Wrap Maxi, $92.00

Now, this coat is so much fun! I had to throw it in here.

Bagarelle, Floral Bomber Jacket, $44.98

Charlotte Russe, Floral Lattice-Back Bell Sleeve, $18.00

I could keep going forever and ever but I think this is a great place to show. Comment down below if you like any of these pieces!

Also, let me know what other styles of clothing you’d like to see on the blog!



Don’t You Fur-get About Me!

Ever since I was a wee lass, I’ve loved fur. I loved the elegance of it, the feel, the glam. It’s just something I’ve always kind of been obsessed with and adored. Since I’m not rich, and also not a huge fan of real fur, I decided to dedicate this post to faux fur and its adaptability to anyone’s closet. In this post you’ll find a mix of outrageous looks and more conservative ones that I love!


Shein, Black Fur Vest, $32.00


Urban Outfitters, Multicollared Fur Vest, $89.00

Forever 21, Longline Jacket, $58.00

Shaci, Houndstooth Fur Coat, $125.00

Urban Outfitters, Ami Faux Fur Collarless Coat, $189.00

BB Dakota, Elvan Open Front Fur Vest, $109.00